Work and Development also Megacon!

Well as we have been working for a long period of time, we haven’t given much information as to what we have been doing!

Currently the team consists of 6 people, Adam Glass, William Hargrove, Scotty Lefland, Sanjay Singh, Kim Kotschi and Myself, we are working to get our first game released on  steam by this year, and we are also hoping to be working from an office space as well. I have recently invested in getting 2 laptops for the designers cause they’ve only had desktops to work from and it puts a hamper on meetings. This will hopefully speed up development, and make communication a lot more easier.
But I have to give it to our programmer who took my small prototype to a completely new level! He has been on the ball since day 1 making the game more and more better adding new features to it and working on getting it playable and re-playable.

On another note our team will be going to Megacon this march so expect to see us around there! I will start posting more information about the team and the project as time goes by, I wish to hear from people soon on how the progress is going.


Please forgive me I haven’t don’t development blogs in years, so this is me getting back in practice.