Introducing, Bongo The Clown!

Bongo The clown

Bongo The Clown! 

This will be the first release of Fireraven Game Studios, this image was drawn up by our artist Kim Kotschi I would like to thank her for this amazing drawing, This will be the poster Image for the game, I plan to hang this around most of my town and at Megacon! So be sure to check us out!.

Due to a recent development in my life I have been a bit busy with things, Sadly on March 1st, 2014. I was hit by a drunk driver while coming home to steak and shake with a few friends. It hit my side of the car (Drivers side) and one of my passengers (My best friend’s girlfriend) did not make it. On March 2nd, She passed away. I plan to do a special video for her as well as I plan to dedicate this game to her life. I will go into more Detail on FGS’s First official Game development Episode. For now I have created a Pilot and an Introduction video for all to view.