About us

The Company


Fireraven Game Studios LLC, is a limited liability company registered in the sunshine state of Florida (May 22nd, 2013). The company is now recently starting up as a start up venture to break into the game development world. The company’s main focus is to stay independent as raven’s do not like to have their wings clipped. Although Officially registered in 2013, the company has a long history (depending on how you measure long) of game development, starting in 2005 with Jerrick Clarington and Corey Hendrey who were determined to work on projects and increase their knowledge.

The Team!

Adam Glass- Programmer

Adam is one of the programmers on the team, he is very dedicated and constantly learning the more he works on things, he shows an amazing work ethic but can be extremely hard to reach from time to time. He is currently working on expanding his knowledge in his skill set as are many of the members of Fireraven’s.


Jerrick Clarington- Managing Director

This wacky ex-criptastic-sapper is the founder of Fireraven Game Studios LLC, A very determined and ambitious person he handles all business and management for the team (and if you haven’t noticed, also the site design and upkeep). He has been making games for awhile and is wanting to produce something that will allow the team to break into the industry and make it a full time gig.


Scott Lefland- Project Designer


He is new to game development entirely but has shown promise in his ability to apply technical jargon to game design documents. While he continues to learn we hope that his design skills will improve and perhaps he will continue to gain a multitude of knowledge. Scott shows that he has a cheerful attitude and is very  helpful when it comes to getting things done, always willing to offer his hand.







William Hargrove- Lead Designer


Will is the main designer for the team, he has an amazing imagination and very creative ideas. He is a great worker and will most times run himself ragged because of it. His design skills are constantly improving and he is relatively new to designing projects for game development. His eagerness to learn is surpassed by his hard work ethic, also just check out that fucking mustache man!